About our PRODUCT

Features with HEIAN Rod Technology
  • Not only enable to create more storage spaces in dead spaces
    but also to create spaces for room decoration
  • No screws, nails or tools necessary for installation
  • No damage on walls, ceilings or floors.
  • Easy to install / uninstall
  • Withstand load lineup up to the maximum of 80kg
  • Lineup up to the maximum of 283cm in length
  • SHELF type is also available
Background &
Birth of HEIAN Rod in Japan
_ During the period of rapid economic growth, Japan had been urbanized and houses and apartments in the big cities such as Tokyo, Osaka became smaller whereas the people's buying power increased more than ever before.
_ In 1975, HEIAN SHINDO developed / launched the first generation of “HEIAN Rod”.
_ Since then, HEIAN SHINDO has developed / launched various types of “HEIAN Rod” in order to meet customer’s demand and lifestyle changes.
_ HEIAN Rod has been a major hit product in Japan helping urban people to create more storage spaces in their apartments / houses without screws, nails or tools up to today.
Why HEIAN Rod popular in Japan?
Use Examples of
HEIAN Rod in Japan
heian rod
Other Brands utilizing
HEIAN Rod Technology
  • draw a line
    draw a line
    _ Designed for Interior purposes in a house /an apartment.
    _ Upright rod type between a ceiling and floor with a lamp.
    _ Horizontal Rod type between walls.
    _ Attachable small table / shelf accessory are available as an option.
  • labrico
    _ DIY parts.
    _ With "Adjuster", a piece of 2x4 material can be installed between a ceiling and a floor.
    _ Shelf support / joint for 2x4 material are also available.
  • Other
    HEIAN Products
    Other HEIAN Products
    _ HEIAN SHINDO produces home storage products not only based on HEIAN Rod technology but also iron pipe processing technology.