Other HEIAN Products
In addition to HEIAN Rod products, which have been supplied for more than 40 years since the debut, HEIAN SHINDO provides the other lifestyle theme products.
  • Laundry Stand
    Laundry Stand Series for indoors or balcony. HEIAN Rod - method laundry stands for small space, hanger type, stand type for easy installation, and several other items in accordance with a variety of spaces for drying area.
  • Laundry Shelf
    Laundry Shelf to make effective use of the space over / beside the laundry machine. Several types such as Special type to store the laundry basket obliquely, HEIAN Rod - method type to stretch the shelf pole between the ceiling and the floor are available.
  • Closet Organizer Kit
    The storage items to make effective use of the space inside the Closet. A variety of types such as hanger type for clothes storage, extensive type to adjust the width in accordance with the closet size are available.
  • Interior Design Storage
    The storage items not only for the storage purpose but also as an interior design. Several types to make effective use of the dead space in the houses / apartments such as partition net, bag storage rack, umbrella hanger are available.
  • Kitchen Storage
    The storage items fitting to the kitchen system. HEIAN Rod type as well as standing type to set up a shelf on the sink or on the storage space under the sink is available.
  • Earthquake Resistance Item
    The Earthquake Resistance Item to prevent the furniture from falling over to the floor. Especially, HEIAN Rod -method Earthquake Resistance Pole enables you to fix the furniture for earthquake resistance item.